All naturally grown vegetables 

Our all natural, non certified organic style of production provides our customers with healthy, delicious, and sustainably raised vegetables! We take pride in our work knowing that we are decreasing food miles, sequestering carbon, and growing food for our community.





Always up for adventure, Milk and Honey like to take long walks together....

Always up for adventure, Milk and Honey like to take long walks together....

John Goepel graduated from Frostburg University with a degree in Geosciences, minoring in Soil Sciences. He began his conservation based career working for various non-profit and government trails construction/design agencies. He began farming at a small organic farm in Western Massachusetts and his new passion quickly developed into a career.  As our production manager, he hopes to expand the farm slowly, and put food into the hands of people who need it most. 


Dori Goepel has had farming deep in her blood - her paternal grandparents were farmers in Hungary, growing all kinds of market vegetables, as well as a substantial amount of roses. A passionate gardener with a degree in Psychology from Frostburg University, Dori brings a strong background of ethical food production to her farming operation. She has been an integral role to M+HF and continues to shine as our creative director and farm outreach coordinator.


Our most recent addition to the farm is Mattock Goepel! Mattock arrived at the end of the 2018 growing season, and though he doesn’t yet have control of his hands, we think he’ll be running things in no time.


A note on our farm's name:

We often get asked if we sell milk, or honey. In our first few years, we didn’t sell either! Milk and Honey Farms comes from when John and Dori hiked the Appalachian Trail. Every hiker gets a trail name - John was Milkman and Dori was Honeybee. They figured since the farm is nestled right under the AT, it would be only fitting to pay the beloved trail homage. However, they have recently acquired beehives, and now offer small batches of delicious raw honey.