our pasture poultry goals

Chickens should be happy

We raise our Cornish rock cross meat chickens on green pasture. They feast on grasses, bugs, worms, and a local grain mix from Ernst Grain, out of Clear Spring, MD. The birds are moved to new piece of pasture every day, we raise some happy birds! They jump, run, flap, and scratch, these birds are living the good life, especially compared to most commercial poultry farms. 

Chickens can be sustainable

By feeding locally raised pasture and grains, our chickens have quite a small carbon footprint. Rather than mass production in a food lot, our chicken tractors are rotated across a large pasture field, giving the birds free choice to roam and eat as they please. This rotational design helps us avoid harmful nitrogen runoff in soils, disease spread by fecal buildup, and the use of intensive antibiotic programs.

Chickens will be delicious

These chickens are DELICIOUS! There is a night and day difference between a commercially raised chicken and our pasture raised birds. These birds scratch and eat what they crave out in the field, this diverse diet combined with healthy living conditions deliver the best chicken you've ever had! 

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